Ian Stewart Black

Modern master of classical poetry

Month: October, 2009

Visions of Hell

Past the stars and furthest moon

A land unchanged by time

A barren field of emptiness

Devoid of thought or rhyme

No earth to work or air to breathe

No age and without name

A vast expanse of oblivion

To drive a mind insane

There is no thought and never choice

No body and no mind

A simple truth, you cease to be

There’s no penance here to find


An afterlife of walking death

Your trace upon the earth

Cry out in pain, without a sound

A spirit without worth

Watching those you love, decay

As you cannot do a thing

Not even speak your name aloud

Or comfort mortal skin

You are abandoned, without hope

It’s too late to redeem

And there’s no chance to recapture

The good times you have seen


Your body lies now stiff and cold

But you still have sight and sound

Lying in a coffin, buried

Six feet under ground

Without distraction or temptation

Just time to contemplate

Form regrets and morality

Now that it’s too late

See how far your choices got you

See how deeply you’re bereft

As your body decomposes

And the maggots have what’s left


You are trapped in your own nightmare

Forever seeking the day

The light you know will never come

As your body crumbles away

Fiendish ghouls and skeletons

Your closets open up

And you are hounded to the end

By the pain you bottled up

All your childhood terrors

And the torment you have seen

Will be unleashed a hundred fold

For the demon you have been


Beneath our feet, in the molten core

Satan rapes your soul

Forever to be torn apart

And roasted over coals

Choking on the ash of sinners

Sinners just like you

Thrown on white hot, purging flame

As the devil runs you through 

Peeling off your crispy flesh

And squeezing out your eyes

But still you keep on breathing

Your eternal last demise



Blue tears

My people are the shadow dwellers

The lost souls who crawl below

The verdant world we left behind

When we were taken by the crow

We have no lamps, nor torch to light

We have but dirt and eyes in dark

We have no hope of savior now

All that’s left is satan’s bark


Between us are the sentient hearts

Who have to choose, torment or grace

And face the final consequence

In their chosen resting place

They are trapped between immortals

And left to scrape life from bare rock

Or cheat an equal of his worth

And see their dark-fired future locked


Her people rest among the clouds

With feathered wing and proven heart,

Salvation resting in their palm,

An immortal work of art

Her people are the sacred treasure

Raining peace down from above

Her blue tears, they soak my earth

For she is my only love

Standing guard

I have always stood guard

And watched the world in slumber

Reflecting on the moon and stars

In the early hours of summer

I crept out on my windowsil

And watched the fading light

Revering beauty ever present

Humbled by this site

I thought about my given place

Among the vast expanse

The spectrum of creation

And the callous wheel of chance

A sense of noble power

Bubbled up inside

All other eyes were static,

Only I could hold the night


But I found myself abandoned

By my cherub of the dark

And all the beauty of the world

Gave way to something stark


I stared out towards the vista

With intent to be profound

But rapture had withered away

Without the cherub’s loving sound

The stars were choking in the veil

The blackness over-ruled

Clouds smothered the waning moon

No longer some celestial jewel

I regarded my position

As night watchman of the world

And felt so empty in my woe

Without my pure and precious girl

So I guard the night, so desolate

And await the world to turn

For the dawn to be revealed

For the cherub to return

Be the darkness

I can’t see where you lie, my angel

Or where I need you to

It’s clear that you possess my impulse;

Though you are a soul of virtue


I know that you may be the light

Guiding me back home

Holding my hand, so tenderly

Yet my desire, free, must roam

I feel that you watch over me

And care for me each day

And though I need you as you are

Is there no other way?


Sometimes, I wish you were the darkness

With a will to tempt me in

Corrupting all my senses, sweetly

Drag me down, to sin

Sometimes I wish you could take over

And be a part of me

Like we were one, joined in love

Alone, together, free


Without your light, I would be lost

And you are my closest friend

In truth, I need you, this angelic-

On your kindness, I depend

But still I find you so seductive

With beauty, most divine

All my love and lust is yours

If only you’ll be mine


Angel of all grace and beauty, with the power to possess

Just for me, cast off your virtue. For me, be the darkness

I, the reaper

Sunlight is trapped against my skin

Though it tries to break away

I breathe it deep, imbue myself

The brilliance fears decay

A bright blue ceiling, birds in trees

Muted as I pass

They seem to fear my very nature

I am shunned, alas

All around, a surge of wings

Peace and beauty turn to flee

All that’s left, the raven’s cackle

Black feathers haunting me

I walk through unknown meadows

Picking sublime flowers

But with my touch, a sudden languish

My own, ungodly powers

The daylight star is trembling now

Obscured by spiteful clouds

They find in me some wayward reaper

Though I wear no deathly shroud

I repose among the flora

And decline to be a beast

Though nature’s forces fear my presence

I pray this exile cease

Black clouds burst and credit me

The maker of their woe

Sunlight recoils in my presense

Why, I do not know

I was born of flesh, united

Concieved, a child of light

Yet the darkness staked it’s claim

And I was taken by the night

Though I’m reaching out to beauty

No cherub hears my plea

I remain a creature, darkened

In every shadow, part of me

Nature views me incomplete

With severed heart, a bane

Cursed to banish light from being

Permitting misery to reign



When does sanity fall to shade

Where do we lay our borders down

When we live in land-locked thought

With madness all around


Is it when you lie awake

Fixated by the past

Without a choice, losing charge

To a life that did not last

Is it when you are unchanged

By the passing of a friend

You do not shed a single tear,

No broken heart to mend

Is it when you stare outside

Through a crucial pane of glass

Unable to venture beyond

And let your terror pass

Is it when you reap your blood

Like the pain can save your soul

Knowing this was not your choice

But it’s out of your control

Is it when you see your death

By some unknown disease

Though your body remains pure

And your mind should be at peace

Is it when you hate the world

Though you dream about success

You crave to be acknowledged

But say you couldn’t care much less

Is it when you’re lashing out

Because someone disagrees

With your views on life and death

With your own philosophy

Is it when I email her

An hour before dawn

To tell her that I still cry hard

About the months that she’s been gone


I believe it’s all of this

That’s what I’ve ascertained

But make your mind up for yourself

Don’t trust me, I’m just insane



I foresaw much more than this

A skeleton, both armed and cloaked

I foresaw a chance to flee

To run from fate and the ghoul, evoked

I foresaw a figure in black

With bony frame and might of God

A hood to cover his ghastly skull

Bringing the end with a heavy nod

I foresaw an eternal scythe

A weapon to cut immortal souls

Made of bone and hellish flesh

To deliver deathly tolls

I foresaw a creeping mist

A vapour so consumed in sin

I foresaw satanic fog

Driving ruin deep within


What took it’s place was nothing black

No cause for grievous terror

All there was, my fading breath

And to close my eyes forever

As it should be

I and my cherub

One soul in tender vessels;

Rose garden sunset

Scarlet eye

I see it in your scarlet eye

That lets the heart’s torment apply

You reminisce on her goodbye

And can’t explain her reasons why

You gave her an untold supply

Of love that she could not deny

But still you found your heart defied

And on your own, you cried


With no-one on whom to rely

And blood as black as midnight dye

You push away each new ally

Recalling your tears with a sigh

Her tender kiss gave means to fly

But the meaning was a secret lie

Leaving your ambition dry

Only to be hers or die

Weaker still each time you cry

And bloodier each time you try

To undo her grim goodbye

I see it in your scarlet eye


Opening night

Goodnight to all, I take a bow

The curtain falls, I’m seperate now

Just moments since I held them charmed

Now off stage, I feel disarmed

I am an actor without a crowd

What grandeur can I be allowed?

The spotlight’s glare has faded past

And given to a bleak contrast

A darkened street, a journey home

To consider my reviews alone

Will the critics laugh and jeer

Or light my name up and revere

The driven artist on that stage

Who held the audience engaged

Will my friends tell me ‘well done’?

Will they be the only ones?

Is my future what I dream,

In Hollywood, by millions seen?

And if it’s not, what should I do?

Give up the plays and bid adieu

Go back to school or learn a trade

Allow my glowing star to fade?

No, not I, I shall not fall

I will not rest, I’ll have it all

I’ll chase this dream til I succeed

All expectations, I’ll exceed

I’ll earn unanimous regard

And find my name on the boulevard

I’ll owe it all to this opening night

When I can truly say ‘I set the stage alight’