Ian Stewart Black

Modern master of classical poetry

Month: February, 2016

Sublime Dominion

An elegance of soul defines
Your sensual fluidity,
While pleasure’s intimate designs
Deprive you of lucidity;
Your loving innocence imbued
With such erotic appetite
That longs for you to lie subdued
And naked in the candlelight.
Oblivious to time, a slave
To bliss as love and lust entwine;
With every laboured breath, you crave
My touch – to know that you are mine.


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Sorrow’s Own

I never wept at sorrow’s beckoning,
Though heaven knows she claimed me as her own;
Nor shed a tear for passion’s reckoning,
When love betrayed me, and I bled alone.
My gaze persisted when my heart gave out,
Forever fixed upon a distant light;
I fell apart within, endured without,
And only solemn stillness marked my plight;
These eyes belied the pain when hope had gone,
No matter how I mourned the life before;
I never felt that bitter warmth upon
My cheek until I fell for you, and swore:
“For you, I live – and for you, I would die”.
But in return, you taught me how to cry.

Death Of A Butterfly

A taste of some familiar grief –
The heart avails you when the mind is rotten;
For all your joy and your belief,
The world is still a cunt. Had you forgotten?
Thus begin the same reclusive
Nights, and all the sadness you can swallow;
When the first of hope’s illusive
Children fall, the rest are sure to follow.