Be the darkness

by ianblackpoet

I can’t see where you lie, my angel

Or where I need you to

It’s clear that you possess my impulse;

Though you are a soul of virtue


I know that you may be the light

Guiding me back home

Holding my hand, so tenderly

Yet my desire, free, must roam

I feel that you watch over me

And care for me each day

And though I need you as you are

Is there no other way?


Sometimes, I wish you were the darkness

With a will to tempt me in

Corrupting all my senses, sweetly

Drag me down, to sin

Sometimes I wish you could take over

And be a part of me

Like we were one, joined in love

Alone, together, free


Without your light, I would be lost

And you are my closest friend

In truth, I need you, this angelic-

On your kindness, I depend

But still I find you so seductive

With beauty, most divine

All my love and lust is yours

If only you’ll be mine


Angel of all grace and beauty, with the power to possess

Just for me, cast off your virtue. For me, be the darkness