Standing guard

by ianblackpoet

I have always stood guard

And watched the world in slumber

Reflecting on the moon and stars

In the early hours of summer

I crept out on my windowsil

And watched the fading light

Revering beauty ever present

Humbled by this site

I thought about my given place

Among the vast expanse

The spectrum of creation

And the callous wheel of chance

A sense of noble power

Bubbled up inside

All other eyes were static,

Only I could hold the night


But I found myself abandoned

By my cherub of the dark

And all the beauty of the world

Gave way to something stark


I stared out towards the vista

With intent to be profound

But rapture had withered away

Without the cherub’s loving sound

The stars were choking in the veil

The blackness over-ruled

Clouds smothered the waning moon

No longer some celestial jewel

I regarded my position

As night watchman of the world

And felt so empty in my woe

Without my pure and precious girl

So I guard the night, so desolate

And await the world to turn

For the dawn to be revealed

For the cherub to return