Ian Stewart Black

Modern master of classical poetry

Month: April, 2011

The Sunken Man

There’s a man immersed in the water,
Searching for answers he’ll never find.
His eyes are burning through the surface,
Looking to the life he’s left behind.
All that he has ever dared to dream,
All the battles he has lost and won.
He knows that nothing ever mattered,
Now his tears are rippling in the sun.
He wonders if the world can see him,
Wonders, but he doesn’t really care.
For all that he has ever cherished,
Withers in the waves that revel there.
And so he wallows in the water,
Searching for answers he’ll never find.
His tears are rippling through the surface,
Relics of the life he’s left behind.


I Shall Love You

I shall love you as the ocean, wide,
Is enamoured of the gleaming moon.
Until the seas are tranquil, and the tide,
Unto that paramour, is immune.
I shall love you in my golden days,
And I will shelter you from sorrow.
From the passion of this youthful haze,
Into the wisdom of tomorrow.
I shall love you with my every deed,
And accord you all that I survey.
As your faithful heart is all I need,
To illuminate my darkest day.
When the sun reigns high above the hill,
And as it sets. I shall love you still.