Ian Stewart Black

Modern master of classical poetry

Month: January, 2010

Cemetery Rain

Do the birds ring in the dawn?

For I hear them not.

Does the sun arise each morn?

Its beauty serves not I.

Do flowers beckon to a man,

Do budding tulips lift the heart?

Does a rose name love it’s purpose?

To me, they are without.

Do poets still compose their words

With a view to inspire?

I cannot feel their welling hearts

For mine has turned to stone.

All my senses are forgotten,

All my earthly love, entombed.

I see nothing close to beauty,

All that was is dead.

All I have for comfort,

All that yet remains,

I still feel the beating rhythm

Of the cemetary rain.


Crimson Sky

Winter’s guise emerges,

Unearthly mist descends.

The sky at night is crimson,

As violent waters roar.

Lightning rains down from the sky,

A torrent strikes upon the sand,

A tempest screeches out its song

Of bloodshed to the land.

Those ashore are sleeping soundly,

Resting safe in their beds

As the sea gives way to turmoil,

And rise to its dead.

Great waves crash upon the beach,

Dragging sand into the sea,

A cacophony of rage ensues,

The wind shrieks like a banshee.

In the distance, through the night,

The sea has opened up

And summoned forth a crew from hell,

A wrath that will not stop.

The silent ship drifts closer

And the sea no longer shrieks,

Every force of nature cowers

As the long lost vessel creaks.

The crimson sky has deepened

But thunder does not roar,

Nor does lightning flash its warning,

There is no hope anymore.

As silent as the mist itself,

The ghost ship reaches shore,

The sea and sky observe in horror,

From the darkness, demons pour.

Dawning light breaks to the beach

As silent waters mourn.

To the east, a scarlet sunrise

With no one left to warn.

Seeping sand

Life, to me, is nothing

But the constant flow of time.

The unrelenting seeping sand,

Bleeding from my veins.

Forming pools around my feet,

Binding me in place,

Like some static effigy,

Some living hourglass.

The sand advances skyward,

The trickle, without pause,

I am half engulfed in time,

Yet I am without change.

The land around me, ever growing,

People flourish and decay,

Generations seem to pass

And pass by me, each day.

My life has long been forfeit,

My purpose, obsolete

And now my body follows,

The last grains falling free.

I stood, unmoved, beyond my time

And watched as others lived,

I saw their lives incline to beauty,

As I died, anew, each day.

And now I fade to the abyss,

As I wanted all along.

But I find no peace beyond,

For I have lived in vain.

Rose Of Sorrow

Vibrant rose of sorrow,

Your beauty, absolute,

Even now, at dusk, you shine,

A lone star in the night.

Your skin has lost complexion,

Now pallid, alabaster,

With all the warmth you had in life,

Yet chilling to the touch.

Your lips have softened sweetly

To a gentle flushing peak,

Like some tender fruit of Eden

That is, at long last, ripe.

Your eyes maintain a sparkle,

A glimmer of your zeal,

Even now, they are not vacant

But a window to your dreams.

Your hair is hanging freely,

Flowing and yet still,

Midnight black and elegant,

Softer than a sigh.

Your body is as marble,

So cold and statuesque,

Laying still and breathless,

Your loving heart, at rest.

All your life, in radiance

And now, in death, repose.

Only dusk has given peace,

To the sorrow of my rose.

Sleep will never come

Every day is a waking dream,

Where no light, nor sound, can reach.

Every minute, a life of silence,

Where I have no love or hate.

With every shot, I’m drifting back,

Returning to the womb.

Cushioned from all influence,

And taken from myself.

I cannot tell the dreams apart,

My eyes, vacant or secure.

I relinquish all my needs and wants,

But that which keeps me free.

I depend on you, my loving killer,

I need to find your arms.

To find the sleep that you surrender,

To bargain for my life.

Every time, it just gets better,

The noises, more restrained

And lights that once brought me to life,

Are fading, now to black.

But still I try to give you up,

And you take from me my rest,

Life returns, the cold abyss –

I knew before your warmth.

But worst of all, reality,

Never more, I dream,

Never more will I escape,

Never more, I dream.

Huddled in the corner,

Shivering and numb,

All I crave in life, to sleep,

But sleep will never come.

I see no boy within you

I see you casting glances,

Like a line over a lake,

You’ve captured my attention

But know, this isn’t me.

I’ve never wanted what you offer

And I refuse to pretend,

I couldn’t even compromise,

This isn’t who I am.

And yet your lips are beckoning,

How can anyone object?

I must, I cannot give in,

I’m not like you, I’m not.

But as you’re walking over

With such beauty and such grace,

I cannot help but recognise,

The splendour you command.

How can you be so elegant

And allow me to refuse?

How can you be so feminine

And still be out of reach?

Are you really so forbidden?

Is it really so wrong?

I never knew how this could happen,

But I can’t look away.

Before a word is spoken,

We both know I am yours.

Though I never thought I’d do this,

I’d take no other way.

I’ve never felt like this before

And I know that nothing’s changed,

I see no boy within you,

I only see mankind.

Truth & Beauty

At my right hand is truth
And at my left is beauty
In my heart is destiny
Where distant worlds unite
In my voice is silence
In my words, all peace
And in my watchful eyes, perceive
The dawning of all light
Know that I embrace you
With every thought and deed
Know that I protect you
As you rest each night
And as your body breathes it’s last
Know that I’ll be there
Waiting, unheard, by your bedside
To grant your spirit flight

Til the end

I had such high hopes

And held so many dreams

My promises were many

Now torn at the seams

As captain of this ship

I’ve been devoted from it’s dawn

And now that dusk is settling

Only I will mourn

I watch the sea arise

Forming cyclones in the air

As all below is darkness

In a void of dead despair

And so you drift away

And leave all we have known

As I stand at the helm

And face the end, alone

An abyss has opened up

And I must make my stand

This ship is all I have

I’ll die in it’s command

Ghostly graces

A silent fog has fallen,

This stagnant pond is still,

Lunar light maintains no presence

As nimble shadows strike.

Gloom creeps, heavy, through the land,

Swallowing all life.

Every ember, wrapped in shadow,

Dusk has taken hold.

These waters see no beauty,

Nor tell of life around.

They play not host to mortal flesh

But house our fallen souls.

Souls that may not yet lay down

To rest for ever more,

But lose their essence in the void

Of this world and the next.

And so are doomed to rise each night

And wander through the gloom,

An undead shade of murky shore,

Willing only to depart.



All around is held by darkness,

Gasping in it’s palm.

No creature sees the ghostly graces

Of the spectre of the spring.

If human eyes could view it’s wonder,

They would fail to comprehend

The nature of the phantom flame

That glides so, through the air.

As all around remains eclipsed

And frozen in the dark,

This one electric entity,

A beacon, calling naught,

But seeking something overdue,

Freedom from it’s bond,

A way to lay itself to rest

And never more be lost.

Winter trees

Sunlight tears through winter trees,

It’s beauty all but blinding,

Blue skies above expose the world

In all it’s shining splendour.

The snow has fallen, settled down,

The horizon painted white.

Like everything around us here,

Also still and silent.

This day is peace and grace

In it’s truly purest form,

Where all the world is gleaming,

As the seasons intertwine.

The gentle rays from heaven

Harmonize our hearts,

Reflecting off the gilded ground

In a beauty, so serene.

The timeless skies and our  own world

Are no longer distinct,

But share a glory so divine

That our transience dissolves.

All questions must be put to rest,

All sorrow put on hold,

To stand in awe of sublime union,

To see the beauty of our world.