I tried submission
To the earth and its stillness.
The rain is my home.

For such tragedy,
Look upon the window pane.
Where golden sun drowns.

To want is human.
And in that necessity,
Lies the heart of sin.

I miss the winter,
The ever-falling silence.
Summer is so loud.

To hear the heavens
Roaring as a beast, enraged,
I am overawed.

The sky is ashen,
Rare and optimistic grey,
As sunlight prevails.

Carry ever on
With blind eyes turned to the weak.
Money to be made.

If you ask me, then
Sorrow is like chocolate cake:
Rich and exquisite.

Like an angel’s song
Calling me to venture home,
The rains have returned.

The dawning solstice,
Sunlight dancing through a stream.
Manic revelry.

The Goddess has gone
And left me in this province,
Bereft of beauty.

Shimmering daylight
So sublimely breaking through,
A sudden downpour.

Wispy clouds gather
Passing by without remark
Summer days endure.

The choir serenade
And fill the morning sunlight,
Taking to the sky.