Ian Stewart Black

Modern master of classical poetry

Month: June, 2019

Savages Like Me

My home is where the lightning splits the sky
And thunder roars in spite of man’s domain,
Where wrathful torrents on this new earth cry
In honour of some deep, unspoken pain.
A wail of monstrous fury long suppressed
As these grey streets ignite in livid hues;
Beneath a civil smile I beat my chest
And scream – I long to be unshackled too.
This cell of bleak monotony – this life,
This flesh, this endless gnawing of the soul –
Do you not sicken in this realm of strife?
Do you not yearn to see it swallowed whole?
For when this world and its illusions pale,
The timid and the tame turn tail and flee;
Beset by thunder, lightning, rain and gale,
At last a home for savages like me.


A Letter To Susan Ripoll

Dear Susan, would you like to fall in love?
No small request, I grant you – but as fate
Has bound the waxen-wing├ęd soaring of
My fortunes to your answer… I can wait.
I don’t expect a miracle, the moon
To hear my wish (though that would suit me fine),
And yet I write in hopes that some day soon
The whispers of your heart would echo mine.
This world is full of music, so I’m told –
Your voice alone is calling out to me –
And so I long to have your hand to hold,
To sing together in the major key.
But if we’re destined never to embrace,
I’ll dream for us another time and place.