Ian Stewart Black

Modern master of classical poetry

Month: November, 2009


My love and I –

Live on opposite sides

Of an eternal road,

A living divide

She lies in heaven –

Where there is no more pain

Her life is done,

She has nothing to gain

I can’t be with her

I can’t serve my will

My life is essential

I’m needed until,

All time is over,

All feelings have ceased –

Then I can lay down,

At long last, have peace

My name is Atlas,

I hold up the sky.

I’m too old to let go,

Not too old to cry.

I could ease my burden,

Release this whole world.

Bring an end to creation,

Just to see my one girl.

But she won’t let me do it –

She makes me go on.

When eternity ends

You will soon find me gone.

You will find me in heaven,

In love and in mirth.

When I am no longer –

The bearer of earth.



My days are left so bitter

The air is thick with blight,

My heart reduced to ashes

With no spark left to ignite.

There’s no-one to hold me

And no-one for me to love,

My thoughts must go unuttered

With no soul mate to speak of.

And all I have in life

Are the visions in my sleep,

When insomnia subsides

And I no longer weep.

So please don’t wake me

Into this world I abhor,

I don’t want to wake up

 on my own, anymore.


I cannot find a way out

No trap door on this stage,

The walls are all collapsing

I’m sat here in this cage.

Even if I could escape

There’s nowhere I could go,

Another’s love is not enough

That much I do know.

Is there nothing brighter

Than a dimly let bedroom?

Relying on my sleeping pills

To take me from this gloom.

So please don’t wake me

Into this world I abhor

I don’t want to wake up

 alone, anymore.


I was someone better

With nothing left to gain,

Every day was golden

Nothing was mundane.

I swear you had released me

From the bonds I find innate,

You shunned darkness for the light

And allowed me to relate.

But you took your heart from me

And I cannot convalesce,

My body’s tired and aching

My soul, ever possessed.

So please don’t wake me

Into this world I abhor,

I don’t want to wake up

Without you, anymore.


The only peace I ever find

Is dillusion in my rest,

When the world means nothing

And I am in your power, blessed.

In my dreams, I speak to you,

I lay in golden fields,

We embrace our love once more

To me, it’s all that’s real.

When my eyes are open

I’ve lost all that once was there,

Back when living meant a thing

And we loved without a care.

So please don’t wake me

Into this world I abhor

Without you,

I don’t want to wake up anymore.


There was a time in summer, past

When meadows stretched out to the sea

When skies were ever cloudless blue

And in that land, was she

The girl who planted rows of flowers

The girl who set the sun

The girl who tore through all horizons

The girl I named the one

She lay and watched her fields erupt

With life of her design

And skipped with glee through verdant meadows

The world was hers and mine

We lay together in the grass

And shared a timeless kiss

We gave ourselves to the embrace

Of our united bliss

We lived beneath the sun she bore

Eternally beguiled

I found a perfect future set

With my lover, fair and mild


The sky remains a cloudless blue

Meadows stretch out to the sea

Flowers dance without a breeze

In that land, are we

In happiness, for ever more

My cherub love and I

In her arms, the son we bore

From a love that cannot die


What did I dream-

When the camp fire dwindled,

When the moon fell behind the trees

And the stars remained unkindled?


What did I dream-

When the blackness penned me in,

When this world of iridescence

Seeped until as black as sin?


What did I dream

When the gale rose around me,

Lifting rocks and snapping trees

And the resounding cry was flee?


What did I dream

When the tide was charging higher,

Sweeping cars out to the sea

And turning grassland into mires?


What did I dream

When flashes crossed the sky

Exploding like electric shells

And we thought the end was nigh?


What did I dream

When the mountains all erupted

Spewing fire on everything

On the purest and corrupted?


I dreamt of sunlit meadows

Of flowers fresh in bloom

I indulged my deepest love

As nature’s fury loomed

I walked with the cherub

And held her golden hand

I lay with her forever

As my body turned to sand.

Bleak, metallic spires

No flowers in bloom

No swaying trees

No seeds, no petals

No summer’s breeze

No bird’s song

Just traffic drones

No twinkling stars

Just towering stone

Unity is past

We now have nations

We tore our roots

And laid foundations

We chopped down homes

Paved over land

Built up fake empires

For the greed in man

We build ‘great’ towers,

Form a skyline

Ignoring the majesty

Of nature’s design


Beauty has but lost it’s place

All that’s left is grey

Bleak, metallic spires grow

More and more each day

We have torn apart our home

And thrown it to the fire

The human race are a memory

We lost them to desire


The air is crisp

The ground, a canvas

A cloudless noon

The sky a frosted blue 


I make my way through empty streets

Trying not to think

Shivering, I fight the wind

And the memories that hold me

Her image won’t surrender

She invades my every thought

The golden one, the cherub

My darling Lucy’May


She makes her way through empty streets

And smiles, as if on show

She lacks veneer or ceremony

And still, in beauty, glows

She walks with grace, and careful steps

Yet seems so free of care

It may as well be summer now

As she breathes the Winter air


Gentle drops

Fall from the heavens

As sky blue fades

Snow is falling free


I sit by the fire

without a hand to hold

Uneffected by the sudden warmth

Still shivering, alone

My only thought is Lucy

Her sweet presence through the chill

Enough to warm the coldest heart

And light the endless dusk


She sits by her window

Admires the Winter’s scene

Looking back, she longs for beauty

Of the union she has seen

She recalls the playful moments

And the burning, intense love

A smile thrives on her face

Gentle as the snow above


A blizzard forms

And coats the land

Like somber fog

That’s taking hold


I lie, shadowed

Wishing for her warmth

Knowing how her touch can save me

Or her sweet, entrancing breath

There’s no escape and no distraction

My every thought, of her

I must repair our shattered dreams

We have a life, I know it


She’s lying still, her smile, hidden

A troubled mind takes hold

A longing for those summer days

When our love shone bright as gold

She shivers softly in regret

Can she find what’s lost?

I said I’d love her til the end,

Til my heart is sealed in frost 


The blizzard yields

To graceful descent

Of elegant drops,

Of gentle beauty


Without thought for caution

Without care of condition

I run to the street

My heart, beating ambition

The frost bites hard

And the snow chills my core

But I won’t take notice

When love can rise once more


Without thought for caution

She runs for the door

Her tears brightly glistening

For the one she adores

In darkened night, she makes her way

A cherub in the snow

Her heart is racing, destiny’s call

Her world is set aglow


Dusk has settled

A fine black veil

Yet icy, otherworldly art

Let’s honest light prevail


We find each other in the snow

In the Winter’s divine light

No words are spoken through our gaze

Our paths converge tonight

We  hold each other, embrace in love

Our eyes, vowing faith forever

I will be your true companion

Til my eternal soul is severed

Doomed seed

My seed is without life

No home, no womb

Still, unnurtured

Inside a fleshy tomb


He dreams the journey

Prepares his flight

From my nethers

To the light

But still, no mother

Nor gift of breath

He swims in circles

Unborn, near death


He wishes hard

For me to try

But in sorrow

He asks why

There is no womb

To call his own

No loving mother

Or family home

Only darkness

Down below

Where he’s swimming

To and fro

Passing days

Counting down

He is unneeded

He breaks down

Never to become a life

Or be called my son

Never given chance to be

Yet his time is done