The Two Of Us Were Someone Else

I know you… somewhere long ago,
Before I even knew myself –
Before there was a ‘me’ to know,
The two of us were someone else.

Before you learned to fear the dark,
Before I lost the will to see,
Our spirit revelled in this spark
Of heaven drawing you to me.

But I, afflicted by the world
And weathered by these years alone,
Have never lived with faith unfurled
Nor treasured reveries of home.

Beholding nothing but the mire
Of dread and sorrow – day by day
Diminishing my sacred fire;
From joy and hope, I turned away.

And even now I fail to see
The hand that guides your path and mine;
Were all our trials meant to be –
Was it by fortune or design?

How long have we now wandered – lost
To us that distant Plane Of Souls;
A severed heart, by tempest tossed,
Forever yearning to be whole.

A glint of mischief in your eye
Was all it took to break the spell;
How could I fail to realise:
I know you, and I know you well.

Once faithless, now devout, for you
Are more than I could wish to find;
As all else falls shall this hold true:
That I am yours, and you are mine.