Ian Stewart Black

Modern master of classical poetry

Month: July, 2009


Your soft and tender skin, it feels

Like nothing I’ve ever known

And radiates a foreign beauty

Seldom found in flesh and bone

Opening my eyes I see

Your bare skin next to mine

This world must gasp in wonder

At the beauty that is thine

My hands move softly down your back

Across your supple, slender waist

And rest a while upon your hips

Your head now stirring from it’s place

Your cheek brushing only softly

Against my own warm skin

I feel your chest rise and fall

And your loving heart within

Your eyes sparkling gently

Against the growing light

Our lips together for a while

As you hold my hand so tight

In slow withdrawal, you smile and sigh

My chest your pillow for the dawn

You listen to my beating heart

As our time has all but gone

We lose ourselves in sweet embrace

Cradled in the sunrise

Alone in all the world

Every time I close my eyes


Waiting for the rain

Perhaps you’ll see I’ve tried to make this work
And wonder if I mean just what I say
In truth I’m sick of lies and false pretense
When I’m just waiting for the day
My number is called and it all comes together
We can start again, just you and I
Forget last years long lost failed attempt
And give the happy couple one more try
Perhaps you think we’ve come too far
Or even think we’ve grown apart
But I know this isnt true
We were like this at the start
To be quite honest, it seems so long
That you’ve resided in my heart
And things were never quite the same
Since the day we fell apart
Even now there’s something missing
When I place my hand on my chest
I know it’s always been you
Before and after all the rest
I tried to make somebody fit your place
I forced a lock, without a key
When all along I knew, in truth
I had lost a part of me
But with the pieces that remain
I know we still have worlds to gain
And if one day, you feel the same
You can find me at my window
Just waiting for the rain




Dreams take flight

Find me where my heart could hear a pin drop

Leave me in a land where crystal birds flock

Such a change from nights of drunken weeping

All those screams, facing the mirror, seething

To live and learn from all of this

To breathe again past sorrow’s kiss

Once more to take your hand

And with pride, act out the love we planned

To take my heart of shattered glass

Hold it close and watch the old grudge pass

Carry the pieces, invert the clock

Build me anew where crystal birds flock

Lie in the grass beneath the sky

I promise to hold you until we die

Your hand against my scarlet glass

Our lips together again at last

Your love returning life I bled

As crystal birds fly overhead