Ian Stewart Black

Modern master of classical poetry

Month: May, 2009

Sealing Love Eternal

Today is one to end all others

As you look into the mirror

And see yourself for the last time

Forget the girl you were

You think of him

His nerves supressed

As he stands and waits for you

Not a doubt lies in your mind

Every breath has lead to this

Staring back at yourself in white

You see the path ahead

Always sure you’ll never stray

Your love will pull you through

You smile and cry, you can’t believe

All this is for real

You look angelic, shining bright

As he waits for you

Now you walk with him in sight

There’s nothing else around

In your mind, alone with him

As your family looks on, proud

You look into his eyes and feel

Your only purpose now revealed

He makes your life long dreams so real

Your love and his, forever sealed



Prologue To Love Eternal

You stumble in from the cold night air

And find he’s waiting up

In the living room, TV off

Hoping you’re okay

You slam the door

And trip over your feet

On your way to the couch

Sit on his lap and brush his lip

You feel his hands grab tight

He tastes your lips

And knows what’s coming

The vodka on your breath

Your Friday night apart from him

Always leads you here

He looks into your icy eyes

That infiltrate his soul

Something stirs within him now

That you have never seen

His eyes now dim, you don’t know how

His lips conceal his words

He doesn’t want to say the truth

He simply cares too much

He stares at you, a stranger now

And not his long lost bride

Less than two short years ago

It all seemed fresh and new

He tries his best, and never stops

He tries to pick you up

But you see the light fade from his eyes

You feel the love his heart provides

Still, you tell him all these lies

And watch each day

As a piece of his hope dies


I can’t say your name

Please don’t leave me in the end

Please don’t desert me now it’s over

Please don’t walk out when I’m still frozen

Please don’t release my hand


Now I’ve become so numb

I’ll need you more than ever

My arms are shaking, broken

The memories take my control


I try to be strong for you

So you might feel some pride in me

I try to change my heart

In hopes that you’ll change too

In hopes that you’ll love me

Deep, as I love you

Love eternal

Mascara running down your cheek

As his eyes cease to sparkle

Tells the story of where you’ve been

And why his hands are red

Did you assume he wouldn’t know?

Wouldnt smell it on your breath?

Where you run to every night

When he’s tucked up in his bed

He’s forgiven you before

And only blamed himself

Comdemned his soul for your own sins

And prayed for heaven’s wrath

But now his fingers slowly fall

From the edge of his bed

His hands seem paler now

As his palms deliver the flow

You barely know what’s going on

Just that you’re to blame

As you see the razor on the floor

And piece it all together

The glance he gave the other night

Didnt make much sense

But now you see he always knew

And still he blamed himself

Salty ink falls from your chin

Meets his blood down on the floor

You see his wrist is open

And feel his ghost destroy your core

You reach down and grasp the razor

To make things right forever more


Frosty eyes of haunting blue
Convey the warmth inside
Lead the way down to your heart
Where your dormant love resides
Your voice, enough to pierce my skin
And tear away my shell
Leaving only my affection
And the words you know so well
Since you had first smiled at me
I realised what you stole
My eternal spirit, yours
‘Perdition, catch my soul’
Whispered words weave my dreams
When passed through your sweet lips
Even upon waking
I care not, I’ve lost my grip
As long as I embrace the beauty
Of your spirit and your form
Yours is the heart for me
Always loving, Always warm
I, forever, only yours
From now until the end of days
My only love and my devotion
To my darling Lucy May

I miss you

Nothing can remain these days

The world gives way to change

Maybe I just see things clearer

Now I’m of corrupted age

Those were my hands

That made their home upon your waist

That now must long for subtle textures

Within your hand where they were placed

Those were my eyes that saw our future

A world of hopes and dreams

Where all our problems cease to matter

And every chance is as it seems

That was my heart that overflowed

When I sensed you standing near

And before had known no happiness

Like what was made right here

That was my soul that flew so high

Into the stars beyond the sky

No man, himself as rich as I

But all along, my dreams a lie

Those were my eyes that watched you walk away

And fill with tears until this very day

Locking tight when I see you come my way

Or staring down, ‘I’m not okay’

These are my hands that now feel empty

Grasping for my world of plenty

Slipping through these fingers gently

Clutching for the dreams you leant me

This is my heart that’s beating still

Torn by your betraying will

Redundant from that day until

Our love can rise anew

Next time

I wonder what you think of me

That you let me in so close

All the while you knew my heart

And to my affections, you played host

So many times you gave me chance

To betray your fast earned trust

I held you close, looked in your eyes

and spoke of acts of lust

Still you knew my pure intentions

And that I’d put you first

My feelings for you mean the world

But I think they may be cursed

Even right there on your bed

I couldnt act on my desire

The question running through my head

To be a hero and a liar

Or remain your friend instead?


You hide your heart beneath an angel’s smile

And pretend that it’s okay

You laugh and joke but all the while

You cry in pain each day

I want to help, you know I do

But you barely let me in

Though my heart belongs to you

You just wont hear a thing

I’m reaching out, but you wont grab on

I’m scared you’ll fall away

I want to say ‘your fears are gone

and I’ll keep them at bay’

We all have scars we dont like to show

I, perhaps more than most

But over time, only good will grow

If you choose to hold me close

I’m here to see you in decline

And to catch you if you fall

But I pray to god that you’ll be mine

And one day we shall have it all


The midnight air seems frosty now

Has it always been this way?

Seems funny that I dont remember

Since I think of it most days

But now that summer’s on it’s way

It’s getting colder still

The days are lasting longer

But the night brings bitter chill

And the moon is getting brighter now

Arrogant of it’s frozen beauty?

Or forever trying to stave off the night

Compelled by ancient duty

These streets feel cold and lonely

Their only friend, the sky

But they will always treat you well

And never preach you lies

Better still they wont get angry

And they wont think to ask why

You stumble slowly and hang your head

As a tear escapes your eye

It’s only now you feel the warmth

You’ve got somewhere to go

All alone in the street at night

The safest place you’ve ever known

The closest thing you have to home


If only I could

I’d write down a dream

So distant from this world

That’s not what it seems

I’d pour my soul onto a page

And paint a world, entire

My words would echo out to all

And set this realm on fire

When my words stopped ringing

Nothing would remain of mortal construction

All that’s left behind

Would be a path of divine destruction

And I’d stamp this dream with a sacred seal

Leaving it behind for the world to find

And when it’s open, what’s now unreal

Would be brought to life and allowed inside

Stamped forever with my sacred seal

Leaving only what’s unreal