Modern Life In The Western World

The mournful lustre of a dying sun
Alights on charcoal silhouettes of bent
And faceless mockeries of man: in one
Amalgam rising from the bleak cement.

The sons and daughters of the city feast
Upon each other, knowing only love
As ceremonious recital pieced
Together in oppressive spires above.

Indoctrinated by legality
Which hears no question as it answers all:
Eschewing virtues of morality
Beyond the summit of a master’s thrall.

Our worth is wrought upon complicity
With ignorance and bloodshed, yielding no
Admission of our own toxicity;
But in the quiet of the night, we know.

Has no one left the will to speak aloud
And rail against the mass insanity;
Is there no better angel still unbowed?
The sun is setting on humanity.