Ian Stewart Black

Modern master of classical poetry

Month: January, 2015


A kiss before you break my heart: how time
Has worn upon the summit of my dreams;
The fading echoes of seraphic chimes,
And fallen snow adrift in summer streams.
The sun and moon and stars are listless dregs
In spiritless lament of days gone by;
A cold and colourless horizon begs
To reawaken in your emerald eyes.
But if these moments are to be our last,
And I must face the loss of everything,
Before the endless winter comes to pass,
Allow me one idyllic touch of spring;
Thus with an act of love from love depart:
A final kiss before you break my heart.



Among the cattle,
My naked feet are rooted
In the long, wet grass.


A lonesome raindrop
From the clouds into the sea;
All things are falling.