Ian Stewart Black

Modern master of classical poetry

Month: April, 2020

Alone Together

No sound nor silence.
Dark nor light.
The world forgotten.
All is right.

We breathe together.
Skin to skin.
One pulse between us.
Falling in.

My name is forfeit.
Self undone.
We two surrender.
We are one.

Harvest Of My Love

My words are all my worth – a bounty reaped
In reverence and strewn about your feet –
The flowers of my soul are yours to keep;
The harvest of my love for you replete.
I offer these of full and earnest heart,
Soliciting no recompense but one:
Disdain the grasp of winter spent apart
To let our passion blossom in the sun.
Cast light on this, our tender harmony –
Anoint our longings with the summer rain;
Walk hand in hand with me, and from this day
Sow love eternal through our shared domain.
This verse, these fertile lands that bloom anew:
My words are all my worth – my gift to you.


My Moon And I

Amid a sea of stars whose vulgar light
But vainly fell upon my veil of dreams,
Cascading meekly in the murky night
The glimmer of their endless, soulless beams:
At last, My Moon! My lifeless eyes awake
Enrapt as she illuminates the sky;
These solemn years of slumber no mistake
But prelude to a tale: My Moon And I.
And as a moth is born into the dark
With no direction but the light above,
So too must I with fear and faith embark –
Entrusting all unto the light of love.
Whatever wild, uncharted lands we roam –
Her heart is my heart, and she is my home.