Ian Stewart Black

Modern master of classical poetry

Month: March, 2009

Let her go

The remnants of the past now fade
To render your own heart unmade
For every vow, you’re now a liar
And every element conspires
To ensure that it’s too late
And you are subject to your fate
To live a life of broken dreams
Possessing only what’s obscene
Craving what you used to know
You can never let her go


Making the best of what is left

Flowers blossom in the dark

And beckon to the light

Their shadowed past, now overcome

And let my dreams take flight


My true ambition, once held dear

And with passion did set sail

Stormy seas and treachery

All was doomed to fail


A voyage further, a vulgar leap

Attempt to leave the ground

Yet once more, my cry for freedom

Is met with not a sound


So what new land lies ahead

On this most ignoble quest

What paradise to conquer

Somehow better than the rest


A far off vision, new to my eyes

Yet hope has revealed itself

So now to brave the sea once more

Or sit upon this shelf


Paradise is not, it seems

A million miles away

But always just outside my grasp

And that’s where it must stay

Free from all I need

Free to follow my own path

Free to go where I please

Free to think my own thoughts

Now I stand up from my knees


Not tied down to one familiar place

Not restricted in desires

Not held back for fear of turmoil

Now I’m free from binding fires


I can walk with head held high

I can say I am my own

I can craft my soul anew

Now that I am all alone


No longer I, a single fragment

No longer half of something great

No longer quietly contented

Now that I have learned my fate


For now my bond has been broken

For now my fire has been put out

For now my purpose has been taken

Now I am forced to live without


All that gave me pleasure, gone

All that I ever wanted

All the memories remain

To render me forever haunted


Even now that I have changed

People still see me the same

Dressed in black with too long hair

The hardly even know my name

Every day I wear a smile

That just wont disappear

Even though I know inside

No one holds me dear

Old perceptions stick, it seems

Atleast they do to me

Most arent even willing

To really try to see

I’m not who I was

Something’s changed inside

All my darkness and despair

Have now been cast aside

So how am I to let them know

That who I was is dead?

Change my every fibre

Look like them instead?

So I’ll shed my dark apparell

Dress in pastel colours

I’ll shave my head and then I’ll be

Just like all the others

Cos in the end each of us knows

Thats what really matters

Change whats on the outside

And climb up social ladders

What a choice we have to make

To live life as a freak

Or to admit we’re dead inside

Attention starved and weak


Barren, bare and lifeless

Exempt from joyful days

Once so peaceful and vibrant

But memories have slipped away


All that was needed to warm the heart

Now lies a million miles from me

Bringing life to a new realm

That my eyes shall never see


Now all that remains is emptiness

Where true love used to stay

But now my purpose, gone again

And in it’s place, decay


I don’t believe I’ll find again

All that I have lost

Happiness like that is rare

Your soul, it’s only cost

Cold morning

Window painted frosty white

Grass with icy dew

Robin shivers in the trees

Footprints leave a clue

A clue that leads

To where they’ve gone

Those early worm-snatchers

Of the frozen dawn

Up the garden path

And lost among the trees

Now the culprit’s tracks

Obscured by the breeze

But still he shivers between the branches

He waits

For another scrap of food

That may come just too late

But still he fights against the cold

The wind and the rain

He will see another spring

Free from all this pain

In the distance

He sees something squirm

A payload received

A big fat juicy worm

Back to the nest

There’s Mouths to feed

His chicks are grateful

This is one worm they need

Father bird looks on contented

At the vigour with which they ate it

Winter’s nearly over now

They’re strong, they will make it

Broken heart

Pick them up from off the floor

All the pieces of our past

All the love stripped from our core

We used to think that it could last

So where is there to go

When this solace hits us hard

When we reach an all new low

And gather every broken shard

Not to put them back together

We both know its too late

But to bury them forever

With our love, that’s turned to hate


tooth and claw

Darwin’s law, we know is true
Now nature has no place for you
Once so strong but now unreal
We enlightened, you concealed
Nature red in tooth and claw
Farewell to all our childish awe
For in this world we cant atone
and we must live our lives alone

Over time

In darkest dusk, the world in slumber
I still lie awake
Think of her and in my veins
My blood begins to shake
I look outside my empty chamber
To a world that now stands still
Look to the skies, the stars concealed
The earth has fallen ill
I dream a sight we used to know
The carpet of the gods
Our once clean air polluted by
Our metal lightning rods
Is it right that we’ve done this
Made this world our own
Filled it up with man-made structures
Destroyed our natural home
Through the night, a sound creeps forth
A distant engine’s roar
This is yet another sign
We’ve lost our humble core
We have always been so blind
To shape the world to our own pace
Maybe one day, when it’s too late
Mankind will know it’s place


I hear my name flow through the air

Her voice is calling, so softly, gently

My eyes now open, the light is divine

Her eyes are fixed intently

Her lips are pursed, conceal a smile

Her touch is golden warm

Familiar sight, heaven’s beauty

Embodied within her form


Her lips give way, an angel’s smile

Her eyes an icy blue

The light now plays across her skin

I know this love is true

She leans towards me, in a whisper

‘Good morning, my love’

I hold her close, blissful embrace

Happiness I once dreamed of


I watch her eyes, they’re closing slowly

Anticipation builds within us

Every moment is one we cherish

Nothing could ever stand between us

Our lips now meet, our eyes are closed

Our senses now awakened

Sweet sensation, heaven’s bliss

As our souls begin to blend


This is heaven, in both our hearts

This is all that we desire

To live forever, with each other

Embraced in true love’s fire

Never worried, never scared

This is not the land of the living

Only you and me forever

I know that this is heaven