Ian Stewart Black

Modern master of classical poetry

Month: September, 2009

Lucy’May Walker

Little darling, centre of my world
Uniting all the stars in your brilliance
Cherub of heaven, among the flock
You complete my soul

My true love
And my only ambition
You are the essence of my being

Without you, I am dust
All my vitality lies in your hand
Love is your foundation
Knowing my heart gives life, only for you
Everything about you sings out clearly;
Reality is heaven by your side



I sit in solitude by the lake

Reflecting on the shadows

And the figure of my love

Who has long since taken flight

The moon neglects me in malice

Leaving the darkened water

To face the bleak and hopeless twilight

With no companion, only I

Nothing left may glisten

Without the soft moonlight

Without the luminescent cherub

Who had shone all through the gloom

This place holds your memory

And so, with torment, do I

I recall the the glowing beauty

Who faded to the dark

Your very breath had given life

And a purpose to this place

Water, dusk and silent love

Granted timelessness by you

I still see your complexion

Silken skin against the night

As I described you, alabaster

For you must be the death of me

I dreadfully gaze down

At the black and raw elixer

Once a body of glistening beauty

With the power to reflect your own

I shiver harshly in bleak desolation

There is no warmth left anywhere

And though I reach out into the gloom

You have abandoned me

All that’s left of you is love

Burning through my heart

And as I decline to misery

Engulfed, I suffocate in you

This scene is empty

Devoid of all delight and faith

Lacking both elegance and beauty

Like me, this place is hollow without you

In sanity

We are so beautiful

My darling, you and I

When all around us celebrate

We hang our heads and cry

And if, perchance they should fall

And be trapped in our woe

We will somehow lift ourselves

And find our hearts aglow


Sanity is ugly

So I must tell myself

As I pass through daily cycles

Of decaying mental health

Mimicking the sunlight

With a blissful smile and cheer

Becoming one with the moon

Embracing loneliness and fear


Sanity is normal

And in some ways so am I

But yet I find, I’m not the same

No matter how I try

There’s always something different

A mood swing or obsession

My anger gathers lightly

Creating social tension


Sanity is expected

It’s possessed without a care

And yet somehow they look at us

And see that it’s not there

Perhaps I make it obvious

When I’m staring into space

Or when my mood is flickering

And my speech is changing pace


Insanity is so unique

What makes yours is not in mine

Like every tear left in the sun

Like every kiss enshrined

And though I can’t escape this

The madness I’ve been granted

I know that I accept my sickness

And view my sanity recanted


If I could only tell myself

That your slaying words were true

I could end it all tonight

And take my own life just for you


If I could only tell myself

That your heart can not be mine

Maybe I’d dive, I’d fly and fall

And erase our hearts, entwined


If I could just believe your words

I could open up my grave

I could lay myself to rest

Cherishing the love you gave


But my heart is beating still

And it only beats for you

So I feel I have to ask

Were your words of venom true?


Because if there is just a chance

A single glimour left of hope

I would run to you right now

And put away this length of rope


If you tell me that it’s over

And your tears hit the floor

I might just believe you

And release the love you swore


But I ask you leave me be

Don’t try to stop me mourning you

And when they find I’m cold and late

You’ll know my love was always true


So before you turn your back

And say you’ll never more be mine

I beg for one concluding thing

Just to hold you one more time


Before you had embraced my love

Merely to live was pain

But by the grace of god above

Light was destined now to reign

Through our time I knew you well

I gave my loving heart forever

You dragged me back from the brink of hell

You said we’d always be together

Your love, it seems, was not to last

And now I’m stranded, on my own

All joy and bliss locked in the past

I must wither all alone

You are more a part of me

Since you said you love me too

Than I myself could ever be

Because I am nothing without you

pool of hope/08.09.09

She gave you everything you wished for

And said she’d never make you cry

Promised her love for ever more

You never figured out she lied

Her love dried up a week ago

Unlike your arm, which now is wet

All that love and happiness

You never will forget

You stand, reflecting on the past

Eyes burning through the mirror

You don’t feel pain, just misery

You’ve lost the one forever

Gazing down, you feel so hollow

Without her, you’re nothing more

Your only ever pool of hope

Now collecting on the bathroom floor