Ian Stewart Black

Modern master of classical poetry

Month: June, 2009

Silken shadow

  Hair of silken shadow
  Eyes of sky at the height of day
  Lips of passionate embrace
  A vision of beauty, my Lucy’May

Frozen lovers

At ten o’clock and filled with joy

I sat and faced your garden gate

Not quite sure what to expect

But only seconds left to wait


Seeing you, a floral vision

I walked happily by your side

I breathed you in and felt your aura

Every step with loving pride


‘A surprise’ you said, you had in store

Somewhere we could go

Without a clue, I took your hand

Where to now? I didnt know


We walked together and spoke our minds

My heart, as always, sang your name

I followed blindly as you lead the way

With knowing eyes, you found our train


I held you close and spoke my heart

Still blind to our destination

In the sky, rain clouds burst

As we reached the final station


We left the train in Helensburgh

The heavens flooding us with rain

I put my arms around you

No regrets, I’m glad I came


A short walk later, we’re on the pier

Confronting bitter, icy gusts

Rain hammers down on all around

In the freezing cold, there’s us


Even beauty in your shivers

As I try to keep you warm

I hold you close, my Lucy’May

All heaven’s beauty in your form


And in the wet and icy cold

Embracing love our young hearts told

Tightly to your waist I hold

Where I’ll still be when I grow old



After the rest have gone

And it’s just me

I dont know what I’m meant to do

Or where I’m supposed to be


I can only think, it seems

About my Lucy’May

The one that makes it all worthwhile

And brings sunlight to my day


I look out these clouded windows

And watch the shaking trees

Every one, of strength and size

Swaying in the breeze


I see the place I want to be

I see you held in my arms

Hidden from the elements

Where the world can do no harm


Your sweetest smile reserved for me

As we curl up by the fire

And feel you press against my chest

Sensations of which I’d never tire


Your warming breath against my skin

Fills my up with pride

All of my life is yours, I know

To spend by my side


Of all the days we’ll have together

The best, we’ve not yet seen

And this perfect fantasy

One day, more than a dream

Fragile heart

A fragile heart
So easy broken
Torn in two
By few words spoken


The longest time away from you

Single minutes, a lifetime apart

But through the pain and bitter anguish

I know I never left your heart


To hold your hand again

To feel textures I thought lost

Make the rest just seem worthwhile

Your touch worth more than any cost


I look into those angel eyes

And I could swear I lost my mind

I can’t believe how lucky I am

That you let me back inside


I want to say how happy I am

I’ve re-discovered my whole world

Only you can give me purpose

My gorgeous, darling girl


Love is composed of two seperate bodies

Inhabited by one soul

Our love, true and never ending

Still as strong when we grow old


I dream for you, my Lucy’May

That one day, you’ll be my wife

That I’ll always be by your side

And make you happy for the rest of your life


I’d never give her smile for mine

But always mine for hers

I’d sell your lives for the future we saw

And let my soul be cursed


Madness, Please take care of him
That boy I used to know
Every sign tells me he’s yours
No longer under my control
I hear he sees the past at night
And wakes up in cold sweat
I hear he lost his only love
And refuses to forget
Beyond help, past all persuasion
His mind and heart are of the past
There can’t be hope, he’s lost his soul
These very days must be his last
Voices echo through his head
Though he’s sitting on his own
Whispered love now rules what’s left
Of his living cadavour, forever alone
He sees shadows of things that are not
And reaches out in plea
Sure this time, he’ll catch the essense
And regain the heart of she
She that walks the halls at night
And calls him to awake
She that gave and took his dreams
And left his life at stake
Perhaps by now he’s too far gone
We should remove him from his pain
Atleast in death he’ll catch his dream
And stop screaming out her name
His mind is gone, his body follows
He can’t remain composed
Every time he sees her face
His endless love becomes exposed
Taking care to hide from others
He found somewhere to go
Seeing her, he headed home
Poured his heart into a pillow
Now he just lies there on the floor
His tear drenched face against the wood
He can never help but think it
He would end this if he could
He drags himself up to the mirror
Stares at a broken reflection
Looks at his own once-warm eyes
And embraces self-rejection
Was this the boy she loved so dear?
This worthless, empty shape of skin?
One thought prevailing in the dark
‘Perhaps I wouldn’t feel a thing’
His eyes stare back, the tears have stopped
‘My darling Lucy’May, goodbye’
The hardest thing he’s ever done
In just one act, he lets his madness die


Poetry, you’ve failed your aim

You’ve not succeeded in your goal

My endless love for Lucy’May

Though often stressed remains untold


My skin and flesh is naught but dirt

Yearning for the earth

Now life’s sweetest shining cherub

Has bled my young veins dry

There can never be another beat

To bring life to my shell

Never Lucy, ever more

And no light could take her place

Every scar, each tear drenched page

My own body, a mausoleum

Cursed to sorrow without age

My worthless heart a mourning shrine


Trickle, trickle, soft and soothing

Wash away the sounds

Teach us freedom of your will

And give life to all around

Sweet cascade of Vitality

Meet your mother source

Free us from barbarity

To lead an earthly course

Glisten, glisten, as the sun transmits

It’s power through your path

See as nature now permits

Subtle splendour without wrath

I place my mind within your sonance

And hope to be released

To embrace, like you, an unchained stance

And watch all desire cease

Trickle, trickle, soft and soothing

Wash away the sounds

Teach us all eternal things

To be one with all around

Teach us beauty without care

To not look, but instead see

To blend with the surrounding air

And for all time, to be free