Ian Stewart Black

Modern master of classical poetry

Month: April, 2009


Hold a mirror to this world

And see things as they ought to be

In a place where you’re my darling girl

And live in a perfect world beside me

A simple concept really

If you open up your mind

Let yourself think freely

And there’s a million truths to find

Each one a little different

Some as you’d like to live

Without the pain we consider inherent

But with countless hearts to give

Above and beyond the furthest moons

To a place we’ll never know

Where we spend lazy afternoons

Lying in the grass with nowhere else to go

Maybe somewhere I’m thinking these same things

And maybe somewhere this poem belongs to you

With all the pain this concept brings

A lack of faith in life is due

This implication fills me with bliss

Though It may be hard to see how

All you really need to know is this

In some far off world I’m holding you right now

And forever sharing your sweet kiss



What may you call an angel

If not this cherub you see here

A vibrant visage to behold

And an oasis to be near

She’s everything we strive to be

A forgiving angel in a broken land

More than this, a virtuous girl

Always with a warming smile or healing hand

Her strength transcends our understanding

To a world beyond mere rocks and bone

She’ll carry your burdens on her back

And for your sins, help you atone

One glance is enough to know

Her beauty breaches the internal

Her heart is a perpetually raging inferno

Of glorious love that springs eternal

And her eyes bring peace to all they survey

Keeping our worst fears at bay

Lifting us up day after day

Standing for truth and hope, come what may

As if her mind is detached from the self

With the wisdom of age but the grace of youth

Containing oceans of spiritual wealth

Behind two eyes that can only ever mirror truth

Her soul is a light too pure for any man to see

Her heart, a shining beacon of altruism and empathy

Her form and aura, what angels strive to be

But no other creature has ever been as beautiful as she

Heartbreak and elation

We gather up and grow in number

Bound together although we’re apart

We are the cast off and heartbroken

Those left to dwindle in the dark

They are not the same as us

Though we wish for them to be

We lock ourselves in cages

And they have set themselves free

We wallow in the misery

Of what we have created

We are the heartbroken

They are the elated

Their number reaches twice our strength

Each man has met his lover

Each of us has lost his essense

And will never find another

We look to them as our enemy

We long to take what they’ve got

They have found their soulmate

They have found the love that we cannot

Each of them is just like us

In some long lost time

Way back when it all made sense

And I knew that you were mine

You have a problem

You’ve had your fill of everyday life

You’ve seen and done it all

Now you’re getting on a bit

You give your life to alcohol

You drink yourself to sleep at night

Consume each bottles until it’s done

Sometimes you get a bit carried away

Like the time you throttled your son

Years of constant drinking

Have left you red in the face

A shining physical example

Of why you’re such a disgrace

Most days you lie in bed til noon

It’s fair to say you’re comatose

It’s like alcohol is the parasite

and your breathing corpse is just the host

I wonder what the neighbours thought

When they witnessed your deceit

They probably thought you were a normal guy

Til you threw up out in the street

If I’m honest I have to say

I’m ashamed that you’re my dad

You’re just some fucked up waste of space

And it’s really pretty sad

Perhaps in future your drunken antics

Will have you met with angry glares

Or if we’re lucky, you’ll take a tumble

And come crashing down the stairs


So now I find
Within my own mind
I desperately try to rewind
The clock
Take back the things I’ve done
Lift up the setting sun
Pretend the day is won
and erase
All the time we’ve lost
And the true cost
Of the lines I crossed
While I still had you
But those days are gone
But I’m still fond
Of the memories of you that I hold dear
I long to keep you near
beside me
with no fear
that once again we’ll be back to when I lost you
But instead I lie here waiting
For those dreams of you
to come true
That they’ll never do
Cos I know by now
that we’ve come too far
and it’d be too hard
to find some part of what we had
So now I find
within my own mind
I desperately try
To rewind
The clock
Take back the things I’ve done
But I see how far we’ve come
And I’ve watched our day in the sun
You say it’s over
And though it pains me
to lose a love that ran so free
I know that one day I’ll see
That this is the way it must be

I promise

So now that times just seem so bleak
You’ve almost lost all hope
But soon you’ll put aside your troubles
And find a way to cope
The sun has set, but what is lost?
You had all those good times
Now you’ve happy memories
Your heart will soon be fine
If you’ll just believe, it wont be long
Til you’re back and in full flow
So please keep your chin up above the water
Cos it gets better than you know
When you look, it’s plain to see
The night is dark before the dawn
So listen to the poet’s words
As Noel would say, just ‘Soldier on’
I swear, in time your wounds will heal
Though they may still leave a scar
You will put your pain behind
And your love will take you far
Now you say you’ve reached the end
Well, you’ve only just begun
You can start a brand new chapter
Now this page is finally done
I understand the way you feel
And I know a rest’s worth taking
But when you’re ready, look outside
And see a new dawn breaking


With every day that comes to be

More and more it seems to me

Half my days are in honest plea

And half are spent down on my knee


Begging somebody to fall in love

Creating a thousand broken doves

Making up romantic stuff

And raining heartache from above


Gestures born with pure intent

And even if her heart consents

Are always broken, twisted, bent

Corrupted from the words I meant


To create a black hole of romantic sin

A world where man may have no kin

Only solitude can ever win

And never may love dwell within

cry for help

Now I want to let you in

To see the mess I made of life

To see the self loathing frown

And the sorrow, now so rife

I’m sick of this paradox

The one I call my soul

And tired of my ‘heart’

Reduced to a black hole

Devouring love to leave no trace

How shallow I must be

But if love is my whole world

Then surely love defines me

Nights are spent curled up

Soul set loose within my chamber

I know too well, within

There lies the greatest danger

For now I’m even far too weak

To grasp at my own fate

By forever eradicating

This twisted life I hate

The box lies on the windowsill

Still full and so it stays

I just cant do it, I am forced

To live, love, lose and decay

The plea

What am I to say to you
Now that you are gone
Now that you’ve erased our past
And so swiftly you moved on
Am I to say I’m left behind
And still refuse to leave this place?
That I had altered my whole world
And shaped the stars to match your face
But what would that make you believe
What emotion would remain
Love? Pity? Tenderness?
My words would die in vain
It no longer matters what I say
You’ll never stop to hear
That everything we both desire
Was waiting, oh so near
That’s why I’ll never leave this place
That’s why I stand here still
Waiting at the bus stop
For an answer to my will
You’ve never felt so far away
From the moment that we met
But I know somewhere deep inside
You feel the same regret
So turn around and come back home
To where I wait for you
We’ll have, at last, our hopes and dreams
And prove our love is true
Our future still remains intact
Buried in shallow sand
Now let’s embrace our destiny
If you’ll only take my hand


So many things we’ve yet to see

So many things we’ll never be

Our whole future, our life in Japan

Teaching me to be your man

We’d get married in a field

And have our purposes revealed

Buying a house with sliding doors

I could never ask for more

Raising kids, a boy and girl

Perfecting touches to our world

For eternity we’d be together

But now our dreams torn down forever