Ian Stewart Black

Modern master of classical poetry

Category: Haiku

The Bark Of Scots Pine

The bark of scots pine,
Or scales of fabled dragons
Crumbling to the touch.


Eden Crumbles Into Dust

A slave to my heart –
Thus I refuse you nothing
As you covet all;

Longing blights my waking world,
While you soundly sleep;

And when you wish it,
Eden crumbles into dust…
I am yours to break.

There Is Only Now

Drowning in the past –
Whenever I see you smile,
There is only now.

As The Moon By Drifting Cloud

Emptiness obscured,
As the moon by drifting cloud –
Pure between the lines.

By The Ancient Reservoir

A shadow lingers
By the ancient reservoir,
Spilling into life.

A Breath Of Fresh Air

Waiting with the trees
In silent contemplation –
A breath of fresh air.

Silences Between The Notes

In melancholy
Silences between the notes,
I feel I’ve lost you.

The Rain On My Skin

Alone for so long,
I’d forgotten this feeling –
The rain on my skin.

Hiding From The Rain

Hiding from the rain,
You take shelter in my arms…
Though the skies have cleared.

By A Lonesome Shore

By a lonesome shore,
Starlight spills into the sea
As tears from heaven.