Opening night

by ianblackpoet

Goodnight to all, I take a bow

The curtain falls, I’m seperate now

Just moments since I held them charmed

Now off stage, I feel disarmed

I am an actor without a crowd

What grandeur can I be allowed?

The spotlight’s glare has faded past

And given to a bleak contrast

A darkened street, a journey home

To consider my reviews alone

Will the critics laugh and jeer

Or light my name up and revere

The driven artist on that stage

Who held the audience engaged

Will my friends tell me ‘well done’?

Will they be the only ones?

Is my future what I dream,

In Hollywood, by millions seen?

And if it’s not, what should I do?

Give up the plays and bid adieu

Go back to school or learn a trade

Allow my glowing star to fade?

No, not I, I shall not fall

I will not rest, I’ll have it all

I’ll chase this dream til I succeed

All expectations, I’ll exceed

I’ll earn unanimous regard

And find my name on the boulevard

I’ll owe it all to this opening night

When I can truly say ‘I set the stage alight’