Blue tears

by ianblackpoet

My people are the shadow dwellers

The lost souls who crawl below

The verdant world we left behind

When we were taken by the crow

We have no lamps, nor torch to light

We have but dirt and eyes in dark

We have no hope of savior now

All that’s left is satan’s bark


Between us are the sentient hearts

Who have to choose, torment or grace

And face the final consequence

In their chosen resting place

They are trapped between immortals

And left to scrape life from bare rock

Or cheat an equal of his worth

And see their dark-fired future locked


Her people rest among the clouds

With feathered wing and proven heart,

Salvation resting in their palm,

An immortal work of art

Her people are the sacred treasure

Raining peace down from above

Her blue tears, they soak my earth

For she is my only love