Visions of Hell

by ianblackpoet

Past the stars and furthest moon

A land unchanged by time

A barren field of emptiness

Devoid of thought or rhyme

No earth to work or air to breathe

No age and without name

A vast expanse of oblivion

To drive a mind insane

There is no thought and never choice

No body and no mind

A simple truth, you cease to be

There’s no penance here to find


An afterlife of walking death

Your trace upon the earth

Cry out in pain, without a sound

A spirit without worth

Watching those you love, decay

As you cannot do a thing

Not even speak your name aloud

Or comfort mortal skin

You are abandoned, without hope

It’s too late to redeem

And there’s no chance to recapture

The good times you have seen


Your body lies now stiff and cold

But you still have sight and sound

Lying in a coffin, buried

Six feet under ground

Without distraction or temptation

Just time to contemplate

Form regrets and morality

Now that it’s too late

See how far your choices got you

See how deeply you’re bereft

As your body decomposes

And the maggots have what’s left


You are trapped in your own nightmare

Forever seeking the day

The light you know will never come

As your body crumbles away

Fiendish ghouls and skeletons

Your closets open up

And you are hounded to the end

By the pain you bottled up

All your childhood terrors

And the torment you have seen

Will be unleashed a hundred fold

For the demon you have been


Beneath our feet, in the molten core

Satan rapes your soul

Forever to be torn apart

And roasted over coals

Choking on the ash of sinners

Sinners just like you

Thrown on white hot, purging flame

As the devil runs you through 

Peeling off your crispy flesh

And squeezing out your eyes

But still you keep on breathing

Your eternal last demise