by ianblackpoet

When does sanity fall to shade

Where do we lay our borders down

When we live in land-locked thought

With madness all around


Is it when you lie awake

Fixated by the past

Without a choice, losing charge

To a life that did not last

Is it when you are unchanged

By the passing of a friend

You do not shed a single tear,

No broken heart to mend

Is it when you stare outside

Through a crucial pane of glass

Unable to venture beyond

And let your terror pass

Is it when you reap your blood

Like the pain can save your soul

Knowing this was not your choice

But it’s out of your control

Is it when you see your death

By some unknown disease

Though your body remains pure

And your mind should be at peace

Is it when you hate the world

Though you dream about success

You crave to be acknowledged

But say you couldn’t care much less

Is it when you’re lashing out

Because someone disagrees

With your views on life and death

With your own philosophy

Is it when I email her

An hour before dawn

To tell her that I still cry hard

About the months that she’s been gone


I believe it’s all of this

That’s what I’ve ascertained

But make your mind up for yourself

Don’t trust me, I’m just insane