Forever Is Over

by ianblackpoet

The memories are tainted now,
Naivety has lost its charm;
Your silence rings with hollow vows:
A stranger nestled in my arms.
Those cherished nights I lay awake
And whispered of our future days;
For vanity’s vampiric sake
You bid me wish my life away.

The horror now becoming clear,
That you were loved and I was used;
You are the monster you had feared:
Abuser born from the abused.
As countless, nameless gone before,
My heart a trophy on your shelf;
I thought that I meant something more –
You only cared about yourself.

My all I would have sacrificed,
And honoured you as royalty;
Did I demand too great a price:
That you would show me loyalty.
The “other half” of me is gone,
Though you were never truly mine;
Your darkness driven by the dawn,
And all that’s good is left behind.