Long Winter

by ianblackpoet

For summer’s sweetness never left your lips
But dressed in golden veil your every word,
My life was forfeit to your fingertips
And all my spirit to your rev’rence stirred;
My heart relinquished and my bonds revoked
To better glorify your holy name,
As if from in a fever dream I woke
To cleanse my soul within your sacred flame;
But you demanded as an act of faith
I wander over barren sands alone,
Until my deity became a wraith
Of malice stripping loyal flesh from bone;
The ashes of my love beneath your feet –
A tribute to the goddess of deceit.

And thus began the darkest winter of my soul,
A foul excursion to the end of sanity –
From in whose shadow none return as once they were.
Had base debauchery and bloodshed followed me,
Without the feeble hope of a repentant breath,
Or hatred wrenched me from the womb to usher in
A rain of spite upon the world – not even then
Would absolution linger now beyond my grasp.
For so indelible a stain upon the soul
Is that imparted to a lover once betrayed,
That all my sins are as the fading stars at dawn –
The ground beneath my feet, forever Calvary.