Moving On

by ianblackpoet

Shall midnight bells resound a change,
To mark the passing time?
As silent winter, ringing still,
Is broken by the chime.
The clink of glasses in the night,
The sounds of joy, sincere.
Unquestioning of what it means,
This happy, bright, new year.
We all link arms, we smile and sing,
And wish each other well.
As troubles, past, will fade away,
To those heraldic bells.
Gone, are those mistakes we made,
And grudges that we bore.
Adrift upon the sea of time,
And we, on brighter shores.

And what of that which lies in wait,
Of all we hope and vow?
What magic is there in a year,
That we seek to endow?
There are so many, gone before,
New years, both lost and won.
With even triumph in defeat,
And always, moving on.
So as the bells are ringing clear,
Through every crowded hall.
We start afresh with simple words;
Happy New Year, one and all.