by ianblackpoet

Windows frosted over,
Like mist, confined to glass.
Robins hopping over snow,
Laid thick, across the grass.
Walking through the town,
You hear jolly sounds of brass.
Young men will find some mistletoe,
And peck their bonnie lass.
People might just say hello,
To strangers as they pass.
And spare a thought for those in need,
Instead of walking past.

It’s that merry time of year again,
You’ll find your toes are going numb.
But you’ll face the winter with a cheer,
No reason to be glum.
When you think of those less fortunate,
You’re better off than some.
Putting brussel sprouts aside,
Christmas dinner’s always yum!
Though you may resist at first,
But soon you will succumb.
With all the christmas songs to sing,
And carols you will hum.

So let’s all celebrate,
The clownish, and austere.
Let’s show our love for one another,
And this once, let’s be sincere.
Tell your friends just how you feel,
And you may even shed a tear.
It’s time they really understood,
Just how you hold them dear.
And if you think I ask too much,
It’s only once a year.
So make the most of what you have,
And let’s be filled with season’s cheer.

A whole year, we’ve been waiting,
Christmas time is here!