Where Spirits Coalesce

by ianblackpoet


Beyond the blackened raven-gate,

As dusk has spread and swollen into night.

Where silhouettes are triplicate,

And out of reach of nightfall-frozen light.

Upon the bridge of life and death,

The midnight sky and lake are my abyss.

Upon the bridge of reckoning,

I find myself where spirits coalesce.


I see shadows in the darkness,

And lights amid the woodland gleam, surreal.

I am a wraith upon the earth,

Perceiving silhouettes, ethereal.

Upon my ears, a feathered cry,

From some forsaken shade into the night.

An echo, piercing, in the still,

As shadows sway beneath the new moon light.


But in the dawn, when all is clear,

And through the blackness, morning sun cascades.

I bathe in soft rose-light and see,

A beast is but a beauty in the shade.

Above a new horizon line,

The darkened souls that, in the night, had screamed.

Now flutter softly in the light,

As birds that flock in watercolour dreams.