by ianblackpoet

When my heart has faded

And my memory, erased

When my words have lost all meaning

And my grave, alone, remains

When I have no voice to tell you

I have no hand to hold

When I rise into the ether

And you must stand alone

When my love is merely written

And never spoken out

When the name of Lucy’May

Is poetry, no more


When all the seas have risen

When every fire is out

When skies are blackened, ever more

And Earth is standing still

When our own sun has ceased

To radiate it’s light

When all the stars have simmered out

And darkness has prevailed

When life, itself, has ended

Humanity, dismissed

And even our creator’s breath

Has left this place behind


When every soul in heaven

Has settled in his place

When our passing, mortal realm

Descends into the night

When the time for parting sorrow

Has come and passed away

When I find you once more, in heaven

And with your spirit, soar

You shall know my voice again

And have my hand to hold

Your name shall never be forgotten

I shall love you, still.