Flower for all seasons

by ianblackpoet

A flower for all seasons,

In an autumn world.

Vivid in the drawing dusk,

When the strongest light does fade.


An ever bolder violet,

Ever more aglow.

Dancing in the bitter torrent,

Still, she withers not.


Weeping rose against the night,

Tender as the dawn.

Tears, laden as the veil,

Her shelter from the stars.


Flourishing for all to see,

Herald of the light.

Archetype of graceful beauty,

In bloom, always, alone.


Countless, now, are those,

Uplifted by her joy.

To find a warmth within her presence,

And carry on, renewed.


Still, she has not respite,

From her earthly woes.

Her beauty offered forth to all,

But lost to herself.