Maiden of the sea

by ianblackpoet

In a sea of sorrows passed,

Stands a cliff, adorned with she.

My ever silent, weeping maiden,

Waits, alone, for me.

Her angelic figure, still,

Waters, without rest below.

Above her and the sullen sea,

A sky that bleeds in woe.

The bleak horizon, all she knows,

The torment of the sea.

In that land of mourning gales,

No soul alive but thee.

Thou, my watchful, widowed spirit,

Ever lost to grief,

Who casts her gaze of hopeful dreams,

Into the waves, beneath.

Shall find no end to your lament,

And nor shall you find me.

I lie beside your abject tears,

At the bottom of the sea.

In my now redundant heart,

My love still burns, sincere.

Never to be changed by time,

These lonely, lifeless years.

I cannot rest in death, deprived,

Of the one that I hold dear.

In a sea of sorrows, passed,

Augmented by your tears.

Beholding your distress each day,

Your grief, unveiled anew.

Through all the ages of this world,

No mortal heart, more true.

My angel waits, forlorn, in vain,

For ever more, for me.

In silent sorrow, weeping maiden,

And victim of the sea.