by ianblackpoet

I sit in solitude by the lake

Reflecting on the shadows

And the figure of my love

Who has long since taken flight

The moon neglects me in malice

Leaving the darkened water

To face the bleak and hopeless twilight

With no companion, only I

Nothing left may glisten

Without the soft moonlight

Without the luminescent cherub

Who had shone all through the gloom

This place holds your memory

And so, with torment, do I

I recall the the glowing beauty

Who faded to the dark

Your very breath had given life

And a purpose to this place

Water, dusk and silent love

Granted timelessness by you

I still see your complexion

Silken skin against the night

As I described you, alabaster

For you must be the death of me

I dreadfully gaze down

At the black and raw elixer

Once a body of glistening beauty

With the power to reflect your own

I shiver harshly in bleak desolation

There is no warmth left anywhere

And though I reach out into the gloom

You have abandoned me

All that’s left of you is love

Burning through my heart

And as I decline to misery

Engulfed, I suffocate in you

This scene is empty

Devoid of all delight and faith

Lacking both elegance and beauty

Like me, this place is hollow without you