In sanity

We are so beautiful

My darling, you and I

When all around us celebrate

We hang our heads and cry

And if, perchance they should fall

And be trapped in our woe

We will somehow lift ourselves

And find our hearts aglow


Sanity is ugly

So I must tell myself

As I pass through daily cycles

Of decaying mental health

Mimicking the sunlight

With a blissful smile and cheer

Becoming one with the moon

Embracing loneliness and fear


Sanity is normal

And in some ways so am I

But yet I find, I’m not the same

No matter how I try

There’s always something different

A mood swing or obsession

My anger gathers lightly

Creating social tension


Sanity is expected

It’s possessed without a care

And yet somehow they look at us

And see that it’s not there

Perhaps I make it obvious

When I’m staring into space

Or when my mood is flickering

And my speech is changing pace


Insanity is so unique

What makes yours is not in mine

Like every tear left in the sun

Like every kiss enshrined

And though I can’t escape this

The madness I’ve been granted

I know that I accept my sickness

And view my sanity recanted