by ianblackpoet

If I could only tell myself

That your slaying words were true

I could end it all tonight

And take my own life just for you


If I could only tell myself

That your heart can not be mine

Maybe I’d dive, I’d fly and fall

And erase our hearts, entwined


If I could just believe your words

I could open up my grave

I could lay myself to rest

Cherishing the love you gave


But my heart is beating still

And it only beats for you

So I feel I have to ask

Were your words of venom true?


Because if there is just a chance

A single glimour left of hope

I would run to you right now

And put away this length of rope


If you tell me that it’s over

And your tears hit the floor

I might just believe you

And release the love you swore


But I ask you leave me be

Don’t try to stop me mourning you

And when they find I’m cold and late

You’ll know my love was always true


So before you turn your back

And say you’ll never more be mine

I beg for one concluding thing

Just to hold you one more time