Sealing Love Eternal

by ianblackpoet

Today is one to end all others

As you look into the mirror

And see yourself for the last time

Forget the girl you were

You think of him

His nerves supressed

As he stands and waits for you

Not a doubt lies in your mind

Every breath has lead to this

Staring back at yourself in white

You see the path ahead

Always sure you’ll never stray

Your love will pull you through

You smile and cry, you can’t believe

All this is for real

You look angelic, shining bright

As he waits for you

Now you walk with him in sight

There’s nothing else around

In your mind, alone with him

As your family looks on, proud

You look into his eyes and feel

Your only purpose now revealed

He makes your life long dreams so real

Your love and his, forever sealed