Love eternal

by ianblackpoet

Mascara running down your cheek

As his eyes cease to sparkle

Tells the story of where you’ve been

And why his hands are red

Did you assume he wouldn’t know?

Wouldnt smell it on your breath?

Where you run to every night

When he’s tucked up in his bed

He’s forgiven you before

And only blamed himself

Comdemned his soul for your own sins

And prayed for heaven’s wrath

But now his fingers slowly fall

From the edge of his bed

His hands seem paler now

As his palms deliver the flow

You barely know what’s going on

Just that you’re to blame

As you see the razor on the floor

And piece it all together

The glance he gave the other night

Didnt make much sense

But now you see he always knew

And still he blamed himself

Salty ink falls from your chin

Meets his blood down on the floor

You see his wrist is open

And feel his ghost destroy your core

You reach down and grasp the razor

To make things right forever more