I miss you

by ianblackpoet

Nothing can remain these days

The world gives way to change

Maybe I just see things clearer

Now I’m of corrupted age

Those were my hands

That made their home upon your waist

That now must long for subtle textures

Within your hand where they were placed

Those were my eyes that saw our future

A world of hopes and dreams

Where all our problems cease to matter

And every chance is as it seems

That was my heart that overflowed

When I sensed you standing near

And before had known no happiness

Like what was made right here

That was my soul that flew so high

Into the stars beyond the sky

No man, himself as rich as I

But all along, my dreams a lie

Those were my eyes that watched you walk away

And fill with tears until this very day

Locking tight when I see you come my way

Or staring down, ‘I’m not okay’

These are my hands that now feel empty

Grasping for my world of plenty

Slipping through these fingers gently

Clutching for the dreams you leant me

This is my heart that’s beating still

Torn by your betraying will

Redundant from that day until

Our love can rise anew