by ianblackpoet

The midnight air seems frosty now

Has it always been this way?

Seems funny that I dont remember

Since I think of it most days

But now that summer’s on it’s way

It’s getting colder still

The days are lasting longer

But the night brings bitter chill

And the moon is getting brighter now

Arrogant of it’s frozen beauty?

Or forever trying to stave off the night

Compelled by ancient duty

These streets feel cold and lonely

Their only friend, the sky

But they will always treat you well

And never preach you lies

Better still they wont get angry

And they wont think to ask why

You stumble slowly and hang your head

As a tear escapes your eye

It’s only now you feel the warmth

You’ve got somewhere to go

All alone in the street at night

The safest place you’ve ever known

The closest thing you have to home